Camping in Dibeen Forest

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jordan, Jerash
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Nabela Alzoubi
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1 Day
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Let's go camping in the forest ⛺🏕️ We are ready for a nature retreat!

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The trip with an expert guide includes the following: Breakfast at the Sultana’s house, includes the following: Local breakfast or pastries, Arabic bread in oven, Cold and hot drinks. Then heading to Dibeen Reserve to visit: - The Orthodox Church which is one of the places designated for the pilgrimage of Christ and see the new expansions of the church, which includes 250,000 visitors. - The largest tree in Dibeen, an Aleppo pine. - The oldest police station in Dibeen, which contained only 2 soldiers! - The caves inside the ground that date back to the guerrilla war - The hospital located underground and consisting of two floors and seeing the medicines and blood samples - The deer reserve and feeding the deer - The King Talal Dam and watching the most beautiful sunset - Making Sajiyeh in the forest ( You can order your lunch from Sultana’s house and have it in the forest) - Making tea and coffee on firewood. Listening to the music on the clarinet (a musical instrument) Prepare for camping in the forest Waking up in the morning and do hiking between the trees of the forest, and see the Persian squirrels (sometimes). Then making breakfast and tea in the forest.



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July 18, 2024
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